• Brittany Aldridge

Mandarin & Mint Spritz

Planning to spend a day in the sun with friends? Maybe over a couple of bevvys? If you're looking for low alcohol option, so you can day drink with your mates and miss the 6pm crash look no further. This spritz contains a little mandarin, a little bit of mint and a little more wine. Sound's like easy summer afternoon drinking to me.


Makes 2 servings, to make a jug see notes below

  • 1 mandarin

  • 250 mLs bottle of any white wine

  • 250 mLs soda water (or water and a Sodastream machine)

  • 1 bunch of fresh mint

  • Ice (large cubes preferable)


  • Wash the mandarin and mint, and on a chopping board peel the skin off the mandarin but do not discard. Using your fingers gently segment the mandarin and put half aside for garnish.

  • In a jug, add juice the other half of mandarin, half the mint bunch, and wine. Using a wooden spoon mix everything together, gently crushing the mint against the sides of the jug to release the flavour.

  • Prepare two serving glasses, add large ice cubes and 2 segments of remaining mandarin.

  • Add soda water to the jug, mix, and then pour into prepared glasses.

  • Take the mandarin and gently twist the peel over the rim of the glasses to release the oils for flavour and aroma. Once this is done, discard the peel.

  • To garnish, add sprigs of mint and enjoy!


  • If you have a god-awful or really cheap bottle of wine and your not planning to make risotto anytime soon, use it in this TRUST ME! It will taste good, I promise!

  • To make a jug, follow the recipe but adjust the quantities to; 1 whole bottle of wine, 1L of soda water, 4 mandarins, and 2 bunches of mint.

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